burn in hell

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burn in hell!

  1. (offensive) An expression of desire that another person spend the afterlife suffering in hell.
    • 2011, Joyce Turner, Pain Through A Child's Eyes, ↑ISBN, page 136:
      Ted could die and burn in hell as far as I was concerned.
    • 2011, Max Lucado, 3:16 Participant's Guide: The Numbers of Hope, ↑ISBN:
      For some people, salvation is little more than fire insurance— they don't care about this life, they just don't want to burn in hell.
    • 2012, Bill Petite, A Rose in the Desert, ↑ISBN:
      I was only about eight years old but the message was loud and clear, “If you die without knowing Jesus as your savior, you will burn in hell for eternity!”
    The mother told the murder trial defendant that he could burn in hell for killing her son and taking her daughter-in-law away.