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Apparently originally a trade name for a butterscotch-like candy,[1] probably from butter(scotch) + brickle (brittle, breakable).


butter brickle (uncountable)

  1. (US) A toffee ice cream flavouring.


  1. ^ Grace, Rachel P. (November 2, 2015), “The Best Ice Cream Parlor Ever, According To Me”, in Omaha Food: Bigger Than Beef[1], w:Arcadia Publishing, →ISBN, retrieved July 25, 2017, pages 90–92:
    However, try as I might, I ran into some dead ends tracking down the exact story from anyone still alive today. A U.S. trademark search turns up the first use of 'Butter Brickle' in 1924, and the first registration in 1928 by Council Bluffs candy manufacturer John G. Woodward & Co. Inc. but this is only for the butterscotch-inspired candy, not the actual ice cream.