cảnh sát

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Sino-Vietnamese word from 警察, from Japanese 警察 (keisatsu, police).



cảnh sát

  1. (Overseas Vietnamese or chiefly law) the police
  2. (only in compounds) police
    cảnh sát phòng cháy / chữa cháythe firefighting "police"; fireperson; firefighter
    đồn cảnh sátpolice station
    xe cảnh sátpolice car
  3. (only in compounds) a police officer
    Synonym: phí lít (slang, dated)
    cảnh sát trưởngan American sheriff

Usage notes[edit]

In Vietnam, law enforcement forces and officers of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the People's Republic of China are referred to as công an (public security) but rarely as cảnh sát in common parlance outside of fixed compounds. Equivalent institutions in other countries are referred to as cảnh sát, both by speakers in Vietnam and overseas. Cảnh sát also refers to various branches of the public security forces in Vietnam.

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