cabin cruiser

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Alternative forms[edit]


cabin cruiser ‎(plural cabin cruisers)

  1. A motorboat which has enclosed living quarters, especially a privately owned pleasure craft.
    • 1917, Ralph Henry Barbour, The Adventure Club Afloat, ch. 4,
      A hundred yards away a cluster of boys on the deck of a sturdy cabin-cruiser swung their caps and sent a hail across.
    • 1963, "Perils of the Surface," Time, 5 Jul.,
      Today the ubiquitous cabin cruiser seems to many a Sunday skipper like nothing more than a watertight version of the car he left parked at the marina.
    • 2007, Denyse Renne, "Lost at sea; no sign of brothers for 3 months," Trinidad and Tobago Express, 5 Nov.,
      The Franks were lost on July 5, shortly after leaving Grenada on their cabin cruiser Reel Lucky.