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cabin +‎ -ed


cabined (not comparable)

  1. Confined at close quarters
    • 1906, Herbert M. Hopkins, The Mayor of Warwick[1]:
      He did not realise that there was nothing personal in this aloofness, except in so far as he personified a larger life, whose hopeful outlook stirred in more cabined natures an unacknowledged resentment.
    • 1920, Clarence Stratton, Public Speaking[2]:
      They feel themselves in a state of thraldom; they imagine that their souls are cooped and cabined in, unless they have some man, or some body of men, dependent on their mercy.
    • 1921, William Beebe, Edge of the Jungle[3]:
      Then, if there comes a click in his internal time-clock, he may set out upon another quest--more cabined, cribbed, and confined than any member of a Cook's tourist party.
  2. Circumscribed; restricted; having a narrow scope



  1. simple past tense and past participle of cabin