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Borrowed from Persian چابک (čâbok, horsewhip).[1] via Malay cambuk.


  • IPA(key): /ˈtʃam.buk/
  • Hyphenation: cam‧buk



cambuk (plural cambuk-cambuk, first-person possessive cambukku, second-person possessive cambukmu, third-person possessive cambuknya)

  1. specifically an East and Central Javanese bullock whip, bullwhip or buffalo whip. In British English known as a "snake whip".
  2. any whip, namely:
    1. bullwhip
    2. signal whip
    3. snake whip
    4. a cat, cat o' nine tails
    5. a crop or horse whip/ riding whip: a cambuk kuda
    6. a flogger
    7. a cemeti (cambuk perang) (Javanese mounted knight's war whip)

Usage notes


Old Dutch spelling: "tjamboek" hence known in English as the erroneous transliterations 'sjambok, sjamboek and jambok

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