career-limiting move

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Alternative forms[edit]


career-limiting move (plural career-limiting moves)

  1. (euphemistic, humorous) An act that is likely to result in the actor's demotion or loss of employment.
    • 1991 Oct 08: dan herrick, Re: IV&V as a tool for dealing with "mistakes" and uncertainty,, [1]
      However, such a career limiting move is only worth while if it can be reasonably expected to succeed in changing the wrong-headed policy.
    • 1995 Jan 11: Kay Hammer as cited in Neil Raden, Re: Data Warehousing, comp.databases, [2]
      Consequently, it can be a career-limiting move not to consider carefully all these issues during the design phase.
    • 1999 Aug 02: Obnoxio The Clown, Re: "Create Database" Security Hole?, comp.databases.informix, [3]
      ... you would make it clear to any luser that did have access that filling up your root dbspace is a career limiting move? :-)
    • 2006 Feb 28: Xocyll, Re: WoW teaches the wrong things,, [4]
      Kind of a career limiting move to leave the game running where management might find it.