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From French carpette.


carpeta f (plural carpetes)

  1. folder
  2. (computing)



From French carpette.


  • IPA(key): /karˈpeta/, [karˈpet̪a]


carpeta f (plural carpetas)

  1. folder (an organizer that papers are kept in)
    • 2003, Julie Rodrigues Widholm, Escultura Social: A New Generation of Art from Mexico City, Yale University Press, page 112:
      Todavía conservo una carpeta, con huellas circulares de cerveza, que contiene la traducción de los prolegómenos de Piero Manzoni y los manifestos spazialistas de Lucio Fontana, la tradrucción de una entrevista con Gerhard Richter, []
      I still keep a folder, with circular beer-can marks, that contains the translation of Piero Manzoni’s prolegomena and Lucio Fontana’s spatialist manifestos, the translation of an interview with Gerhard Richter, []
  2. (computing) folder, directory (virtual container in a computer's file system, in which files and other folders may be stored)
    • 2008, Osvaldo Toja Suárez, 200 Respuestas: Redes, USERSHOP, page 117:
      Si teníamos ese archivo dentro de una carpeta donde había varios archivos que no nos interesaban compartir, teníamos que crear una nueva carpeta, copiar o mover el archivo allí y recién entonces, compartirla.
      If we had this file in a folder where there were several files that weren’t in our interest sharing, we had to create a new folder, copy or move the file there and just then share it.
  3. lace dollies
  4. (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay) tablecloth
  5. (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay) billiard cloth, gambling table cloth
  6. (Cuba) hotel reception, reception desk at a hotel.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Carpeta is a false friend, and does not mean carpet. Spanish equivalents are shown in the "Translations" section of the English entry carpet.


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