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A cougar or puma (Puma concolor; sense 1) is also called a catamount in the United States.

Clipping of catamountain (leopard, panther; ocelot; man living in the mountains),[1] from Late Middle English catamountain,[2] from Middle English cat of the mountain (leopard, panther).[3]



catamount (plural catamounts)

  1. (US) A wild animal of the family Felidae, especially the cougar or puma (Puma concolor).
    • 1920, Peter B[ernhard] Kyne, chapter VIII, in The Understanding Heart, Toronto, Ont.: The Copp Clark Co., →OCLC, pages 144–145:
      Uncle Charley's voice was very soft and there was a weary note in it. "Great snarlin' catamounts, but I'm tired."
  2. (obsolete) Synonym of catamountain (“a leopard, a panther (Panthera pardus)”).

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