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Borrowed from Italian cavalletto


cavalletto (plural cavallettos or cavalletti)

  1. (plural:cavallettos) A specialized gantry crane for loading and unloading cargo ships that attaches to and moves along guides on the ship's hatchway.
    • 1983, Patrick Finlay, Coal--trade, transportation and handling:
      To increase the unloading rate it is possible to use various cavallettos placed over different holds, although the ship-to-ship transfer is the peculiarilty of the cavalletto.
    • 1997, The Motor Ship - Volume 79:
      A 240t SWL crane is used to move the cavallettos from hold to hold when discharging to the barge fleet.
    • 1984, Lloyd's Ship Manager - Volume 5, Issues 5-12, page 65:
      The initial stage in Somocar's latest plans was realised with the completion of the first 'Cavalletto', a joint project of Coe & Clerici and the crane manufacturer, Danieli.
  2. (plural:cavalletti) A long pole placed horizontally at a height of 4 to 20 inches from the ground, used in training horses.
    • 1973, Sheila Willcox, The event horse, →ISBN, page 91:
      The first introduction to a cavalletto comes at the end of a line of poles.
    • 2010, Gaydell M. Collier, ‎Eleanor F. Prince, Basic Training for Horses, →ISBN, page 195:
      By spacing cavalletti equally, you determine the horse's rhythm.
    • 2018, Ingrid Klimke, ‎Reiner Klimke, Cavalletti for Dressage and Jumping, →ISBN:
      Cavalletti allow more demands to be made on the legs without compromising the quality of the gaits, namely walk, trot, and canter.



From cavallo +‎ -etto.


cavalletto m (plural cavalletti)

  1. tripod
    Synonym: tripode
  2. easel
  3. kickstand
  4. trestle