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Alternative forms[edit]


Onomatopoeic, imitative of the sound of a mechanical cash register when an amount is rung up. Popularized by the 1992 movie Wayne's World and by a 1992 advertisement featuring Seth Green.[1]
The spoken term is also, in the US, a trademarked sound of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc..[2]


  • IPA(key): /tʃəˈtʃɪŋ/
  • Rhymes: -ɪŋ
  • (file)



  1. Score!; wow!; said to celebrate something that has made or will make lots of money.
    • 1998, Media Foundation, chapter I, in Adbusters[1], volume 6, page 49:
      Cha-ching! More profit, more jobs.


cha-ching (plural cha-chings)

  1. Money, cash.
    • 2005, Lee Mylne, advertisement, Frommer′s Portable Australia′s Great Barrier Reef, page 207,
      They find the best offerings on Travelocity. For very little cha-ching.
    • 2011, Sylvie Hogg, Frommer′s Italian Islands, unnumbered page:
      [] but the majority of hotels see guests′ phone calls as a major cha-ching opportunity and charge ridiculously inflated rates.


cha-ching (third-person singular simple present cha-chings, present participle cha-chinging, simple past and past participle cha-chinged)

  1. To make a cash register or slot machine noise.
    • 2011, Catherine Coulter, Split Second, unnumbered page:
      The young guy bought the woman a refill of the same fine chardonnay that made her dad′s cash register cha-ching with pleasure.
  2. To make the noise of coins falling.


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