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  1. third-person plural future active imperative of cieō



From Latin centum, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱm̥tóm.


  • Homophone: siento (depending on region)


ciento ‎(cardinal numeral, plural cientos)

  1. (cardinal number) one-hundred (100)

Usage notes[edit]

When used as an adjective before the modified noun, the apocopate form cien is used instead of ciento.

In composite numbers, the form cien is used before larger numbers components, ciento before smaller numbers.

cien mil pesos — “a hundred thousand pesos” ($100,000)
ciento noventa pesos — “a hundred ninety pesos” ($190)

When used substantively to indicate the number 100 itself, cien is more common in modern usage:

los números de uno hasta el cien — “the numbers from one to a hundred”
hay dos cienes en el papel — “there are two hundreds on the paper” (two occurrences of the number one hundred)

In the indefinite sense, ciento is used:

cientos de pesos — “hundreds of pesos”

To indicate percentages, ciento is usually used, with regional exceptions, especially for 100%:

cincuenta por ciento — “fifty percent”
cien por cien — “a hundred percent”
ciento por ciento — “a hundred percent”

Related terms[edit]