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Alternative forms[edit]


cis +‎ het



cishet (not comparable)

  1. (LGBT, informal, neologism) Cissexual/cisgender and heterosexual.
    • 2013, "Witchymorgan", "On the Labor Movement and Transmisogyny", Black & Pink, May 2013, page 4:
      Even in death, the way we are spoken about by the mainstream cishet world is traumatizing and violent. Even in death, trans women of color cannot escape the trauma of colonialism and genocide.
    • 2013, Ariel Estrella, "Hegemony, heteronormativity and amoeba", The Mac Weekly (Macalester College), 18 October 2013:
      While children can be born to any kind of parent and situation, unless drastic measures are taken, they will be raised in an overwhelmingly cisgendered and heterosexual (cishet) world. Cishet children and adults’ identities are affirmed by media, legal documents, population majority, history and other depictions of assumed cis-ness and heterosexuality.
    • 2014, Bec Eames, "In defence of unattractive feminism", Honi Soit (University of Sydney), Semester 1, Week 12, page 17:
      [] it reinforces the problematic notion that 'true' feminism belongs to cishet white abled feminists; []
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:cishet.




cishet (plural cishets)

  1. (informal, neologism) A cissexual/cisgender and heterosexual person.
    • 2014 July 5, Anthony Speciyogic, “Burger King Pride Campaign Claims ‘We’re All The Same Inside’”, in Inquisitr:
      People who identify as cisgender and heterosexual, or cishets, are certainly more privileged in today’s society than the LGBTQIA+ community — which includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer-identified, intersex, and asexual people, as well as others who do not identify as cishet people.