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  1. present participle and gerund of clash


clashing (plural clashings)

  1. A clash; the sound or action of clashing; violent collision.


clashing (comparative more clashing, superlative most clashing)

  1. conflicting, contrasting, or contrary; inconsonant, incompatible, or irreconcilable
  2. mismatched, inharmonious, discordant or dissonant, not fitting well together (especially in regards to aesthetics, colors, clothing, or sounds)
  3. adverse or antagonistic; disagreeing or opposing
  4. Producing a clash or series of clashes.
    • 1886, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, translated by H.L. Brækstad, Folk and Fairy Tales, page 154:
      From inside the mill there came a whizzing, whirring, and clashing sound, and now and then a bright saw-blade flashed in the air, as if in combat with the spirits of the night, to cut the stumps and uneven ends off the logs.