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From cold +‎ -ie (diminutive suffix), for cold one. Compare tinnie.


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coldie (plural coldies)

  1. (Australia) A cold bottle or can of beer.
    • 2000, Markus Zusak, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, in 2011, Underdogs (omnibus edition), page 255,
      As expected, she's sitting in the stand, holding a hot dog in one hand and balancing a coldie and a cigarette in the other.
    • 2010, Jeanne Matthews, Bones of Contention[1], page 302:
      He reached under his seat and pulled out a Foster′s. “I don't suppose you′d care for a coldie?”
      “I don′t mind if I do.”
      “There′s a girl!” He popped the tab and passed it over.
    • 2011, Craig Odanovich, The Black Widow Trainer[2], page 71:
      “G′day love. You look like you could use a coldie.”
      His thick Australian accent made her smile.