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Alternative forms[edit]


colorific (comparative more colorific, superlative most colorific)

  1. (obsolete, chemistry) That produces coloured precipitates
  2. colourful
    • 2015 December 23, Zhou, Debra, “Enchanted Nights at Bloedel Conservatory”, in Georgia Straight[1]:
      It's a magical place filled with luscious tropical greens, colorific rare flowers, and talkative birds with personalities—all underneath a futuristic dome sky.
    • 2018 October 6, Januszczak, Waldemar, “Art review: Kerry James Marshall, David Zwirner; Mantegna and Bellini, National Gallery”, in The Times:
      The man, meanwhile, measures his full blackness against the night sky in a colorific conundrum that involves the painterly exploration of the darkest shades of the spectrum.
  3. (figuratively) flowery; ornate (Can we add an example for this sense?)