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Alternative forms[edit]


commercial +‎ -ize


commercialize (third-person singular simple present commercializes, present participle commercializing, simple past and past participle commercialized)

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  1. (transitive) to bring into commerce from an earlier condition (such as idea alone, experimental prototypes alone, or one-off custom builds only).
    the work required not only to invent a device but also to commercialize it
  2. (transitive) to apply business methodology to something in order to profit (such as introducing salability to a resource that comes from, or rightfully belongs to, the commons).
    finding the right balance in paying for water infrastructure (treatment plants and pipe networks) but not commercializing water to the point of excluding low-income people from adequate access to a basic necessity
    Coordinate term: monetize
  3. (transitive) to exploit something for maximum financial gain, sometimes by sacrificing quality.
    a market district formerly served mainly by artisans but increasingly commercialized for mass tourism


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