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From cordial +‎ -ly. Compare Middle English cordyally (by heart).



cordially (comparative more cordially, superlative most cordially)

  1. In a cordial, warm or friendly manner.
    • 1893, Royal Geographical Society, The Geographical Journal, London:
      I may ask you, then, cordially to thank Sir George Goldie for all that he has done for the Society.
    • 1898, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, Tourguéneff and his French Circle
      My dear Monsieur Durand,—I am sending you[....]
      Ever most cordially yours,
      Iv. Tourguéneff.
    • 1961 February, “Society column: Branch Line Society”, in Trains Illustrated, page vii:
      A rail tour on Sunday, March 12, in which non-members are cordially invited to participate, will leave St. Pancras at approximately 2 p.m. [...].

Usage notes[edit]

As indicated above, the term is often used in letter closings.