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co- +‎ relation


corelation (plural corelations)

  1. (mathematics) The dual of a relation.
  2. A corresponding relationship.
    • 1883, WIlliam Henry Pearse, “A Note on Cholera and Epidemics Hypothetically Viewed in Relation to Evolution and Continuity”, in The Medical Press and Circular, Estab. 1838, page 483:
      A wider view, a greater time, a far more cosmic corelation, must be taken in viewing disease than our nosological necessities have tended to foster.
    • 2006, C. K. Shukla & ‎S. Ali, Child Labour and the Law, →ISBN, page 79:
      It is advisable that a National Commission on the subject of 'Compulsory Primary Education and the Child Labour' should be constituted which should extensively undertake the study of bringing forth the existing corelation between the Indian Education system and the child labour and should finally formulate the basic scheme of compulsory primary education particularly in the context of the child labour wherein the aspect of vocational guidance and training should be given top-priority at least under the optional system of legal education which may be exclusively meant for the poor masses whose children generally get employed at an early age.
    • 2014, Katerina Kolozova, Cut of the Real: Subjectivity in Poststructuralist Philosophy, →ISBN, page 145:
      Surely, the real, termed the ego(-in-ego), when viewed in its corelation—yet emphatically not its constitutive relatedness—with the Stranger, namely, the lived transcendental, is, in fact, the identity in the last instance of the Stranger.
  3. Alternative form of correlation