cradle robber

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Alternative forms[edit]


cradle robber (plural cradle robbers)

  1. (idiomatic, pejorative) A person who marries or becomes romantically involved with someone who is much younger, or who employs or otherwise engages a young person for a purpose inappropriate for his or her age.
    • 1914, Richard Harding Davis, "The Man Who Could Not Lose":
      "And no mother," he shouted, "can call ME a ‘fortune-hunter’ and a ‘cradle-robber’ and think I'll make good by marrying her daughter!"
    • 2006, Francine Maroukian, "Modern Love: We Lived in the Present, Then the Future Arrived," New York Times, 29 Oct.:
      I was a 50-year-old woman; he was a 25-year-old man. . . . I was out of my pajamas and into a short skirt before you could say “cradle robber”.



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