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crummy (comparative crummier, superlative crummiest)

  1. (informal) Bad; poor.
    Do not bother buying crummy knives if you are serious about cooking.
  2. (dated) Full of crumb or crumbs; crumby.
  3. (dated) Soft, like the crumb of bread; not crusty.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Nouns to which "crummy" (bad, poor) is often applied: job, weather, hotel, thing, town, life, movie, food, world, school, idea, person.



crummy (plural crummies)

  1. (informal, British Columbia and U.S. Pacific Northwest) Small van, bus, or railway car used to transport loggers or other resource workers to and from the worksite. A common term when referring to a vehicle with a compartment separate from the cab, housing the silvicultural, logging or mining crew during transport.