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cut +‎ away


cutaway (not comparable)

  1. (3D graphics) Having selected portions of the outside removed so as to give an impression of the interior.
    2004, While it used to take several seconds to generate a single cutaway view in a complex freeform model, you can now view them just about instantly by dynamically scrolling and rotating a plane forward and backward through an object. CADalyst, Jan 2004



cutaway (plural cutaways)

  1. (television) A cut to a shot of person listening to a speaker so that the audience can see the listener's reaction.
    2004, Despite a pre-debate “memorandum of understanding” between the Bush campaign and the Kerry campaign that there would be no televised “cutaways” or reaction shots ... — The New Yorker, 18 Oct 2004
  2. (television) The interruption of a continuously filmed action by inserting a view of something else.
  3. A coat with a tapered frontline.
  4. A diagram or model having outer layers removed so as to show the interior
  5. An indentation in the upper bout of a guitar's body adjacent to the neck, allowing easier access to the upper frets.


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