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dawg (plural dawgs)

  1. Pronunciation spelling of dog.
    That dawg won't hunt.
  2. (slang) Dude, bud, pal, used to address a close male friend.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:friend
    Sup, dawg.
    • 2014, “0 to 100 / The Catch Up”, performed by Drake:
      All up in my phone, lookin' at pictures from the other night / She gon' be upset if she keep scrollin' to the left, dawg

Usage notes[edit]

dawg, rather than dog, may be used for one of two reasons:

1. To emphasise dialect. In some North American English dialects, the /ɔ/ sound is strengthened to /ɔə/, which is quite noticeable to North American English speakers who do not speak such a dialect.

2. To distinguish (and emphasise a distinction) between "dog", the animal, and "dawg", the slang word that is a friendly term of address. dog can be used disparagingly in English, and it carries disparaging connotations in many other languages. As such, there is often a desire to distinguish the term of address from the common noun.


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