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From Middle Dutch denominatie, from Middle French denomination, from Latin denominatio (a calling by anything other than the proper name, metonymy).


  • IPA(key): /deːnoːmiˌnaː(t)si/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: de‧no‧mi‧na‧tie


denominatie f (plural denominaties, diminutive denominatietje n)

  1. (literally) A denomination, designation
  2. (chiefly religion, also politics) A denomination; an organised religious association, an organised faction or formal ideological tendency
  3. A monetary or other financial denomination, the nominal value on a coin, banknote, stock or bond
    Geldautomaten leveren vaak enkel grote denominaties as
    Cash dispensers often only deliver major denominations
    De sjieke onderneming geeft alleen aandelen en effecten uit in grote denominaties die weinig gewone beleggers zich kunnen veroorloven
    The posh company only issues shares and bonds in large denominations few ordinary investors can afford
  4. (obsolete) A (list of) nomination(s), e.g. as candidate
  5. (obsolete) A naming
  6. (obsolete) A constatation


Related terms[edit]