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determinist +‎ -ic



deterministic (comparative more deterministic, superlative most deterministic)

  1. (philosophy) Of, or relating to determinism.
    Antonym: indeterministic
  2. (mathematics, of a Turing machine) Having at most one instruction associated with any given internal state.
    Antonym: nondeterministic
    • 2017, Arlindo Oliveira, The Digital Mind: How Science Is Redefining Humanity, MIT Press, →ISBN, page 81:
      Another class, P, is a subset of NP, and includes all decision problems that can be solved by a (deterministic) Turing machine in polynomial time.
  3. (physics, of a system) Having exactly predictable time evolution.
  4. (computing, of an algorithm) For a given particular input, always producing the same output through the same sequence of states.
    Antonym: nondeterministic
    • 2014, Hélder Rodrigues et al., editors, Engineering Optimization, volume IV, CRC Press, →ISBN, page 311:
      On the other hand, if the genetic algorithm has many advantages, their computation cost is higher as compared with deterministic algorithms.

Derived terms[edit]