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Old Provençal[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Late Latin domna, shortened variant of Latin domina.



domna f (oblique plural domnas, nominative singular domna, nominative plural domnas)

  1. woman, lady (female adult human being)
    • circa 1000, author unknown, Boecis:
      E sa ma dextra la domna u libre te
      In her left hand, the woman held a book.
    • c. 1110, Guilhèm de Peitieus, ‘Canso’:
      Qual pro y auretz, dompna conja, / Si vostr’amors mi deslonja?
      What gain for you, beautiful lady, if you distance me from your love?
    • circa 1145, Bernard de Ventadour, Pel doutz chan que.l rossinhols fai:
      Domna, vostre sui e serai
      Woman, yours I am and yours I will be.