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  • IPA(key): /ˈdɒti/
  • (file)
    Rhymes: -ɒti

Etymology 1[edit]

See dote, or compare totty (unsteady, dizzy).


dotty (comparative dottier, superlative dottiest)

  1. (Britain, colloquial) Mildly insane or eccentric; often, senile.
    My nan has got dottier and dottier since passing the age of eighty.
    • 1897, Richard Marsh, The Beetle:
      Knockers in this part of the world seem intended for ornament only, — nobody seems to pay any attention to them when they’re used. The old lady upstairs must be either deaf or dotty.
    • 1970, Roald Dahl, Fantastic Mr. Fox, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, page 45:
      Mr. Fox stopped digging and stared at Badger as though he had gone completely dotty. "My dear old furry frump," he said, "do you know anyone in the whole world who wouldn't swipe a few chickens if their children were starving to death?"
  2. (UK, dated) Having an unsteady gait.
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

dot +‎ -y


dotty (comparative dottier, superlative dottiest)

  1. Having many dots.
    Look at the dotty pattern on that cheetah's fur.


dotty (plural dotties)

  1. (MLE) A shotgun.
    • 2013, “Mad Years”, in Potter Payper (lyrics), Training Day, performed by Potter Payper:
      Never bummy but I'm scummy fam, I used to burgle houses
      Then some OGs was consignin me them ounces
      Wet man round me had me feeling like I’m drownin
      Fam we really went there with a brownin
      Me and next man really went there with a dotty
      05 murder squad nicked me for a [censored]
    • 2017, “Mad About Bars”, TMula (lyrics), performed by 86 (TMula x Scrams):
      They dont know what I’ve been through
      Red dot on his head like a hindu
      Scrams, Face just stack for the Wesson
      Ca’ be the gunplay that we’re into
      It’s like them man chill with the singer
      Two dot dots there in the dinger
      Yard man’s got a dotty in the rave
      But he’s still tryna do the La Linga
      We’ve had guns and shanks without awareness
      We’ve had guns and shanks we’re so fearless
    • 2017, “Next Up?”, Digga D (lyrics), performed by 1011 (Digga D x Sav'O x T.Y):
      Bro I’m booky, I’ll take your food if my belly starts rumblin
      They rap about bootings, they ain’t blammed nobody
      Hold that properly when I bang that dotty
      I put sniff in a rex, and I slang that bobby
    • 2020, “Respawn”, Cillian (lyrics), chorus:
      I’m out here from the night till dawn
      The dotty’s out but I like it sawn