douche canoe

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douche canoe (plural douche canoes)

  1. Alternative form of douchecanoe
    • 2006 September 24, Stigmata., “Urban Dictionary: Douche Canoe”, in Urban Dictionary[1], archived from the original on 2009-01-09:
      Douche Canoe The worst kid of douche imaginable. This phrase originating in the small college town of Hanover, NH and has spread like wildfire due mostly to its fluid phonetics. 1. Is that douche canoe popping triple collars? 2. Yeah, that douche canoe bragged about blacking out last night when he'd only had 2 beers. 3. I fucking hate those douche canoes. #douchecanoe #douche-canoe #douche #tool #douchebag #canoe
    • 2011, Beth Harbison, Always Something There to Remind Me, St. Martin's Press (2011), ISBN 9780312599102, page 103:
      Because he's a total douche canoe who only wants what he can't have.
    • 2011, Kevin Hearne, Hammered, Del Rey (2011), ISBN 9780345522481, page 115:
      “He is a douche canoe. But he gets great PR with the mortals. They think he's their protector, some kind of hero, but he really should be sent out to sea and set on fire in a proper Viking burial.”
    • 2013, Alison Cherry, Red, Delacorte Press (2013), ISBN 9780385742931, unnumbered page:
      There was a beeping sound, and then Ivy announced, “Brent's a douche canoe. I'll punch him in the teeth for you, if you want.”