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Alternative forms[edit]


douche +‎ canoe


douchecanoe ‎(plural douchecanoes)

  1. (vulgar, slang, pejorative) A rude, obnoxious, or contemptible person.
    • 2011, Sarah Wendell, Everything I Know about Love I Learned from Romance Novels, Sourcebooks Casablanca (2011), ISBN 9781402254512, unnumbered page:
      Not being a complete douchecanoe is the first step in being your own ideal romance hero or heroine—and it's absolutely an attainable ideal.
    • 2011, Jeff Wilser & Michael H. Yost, The Man Cave Book, HarperCollins (2011), ISBN 9780062087256, unnumbered page:
      Never brag. It's good to have a healthy pride in your [man] cave. It's not good to be a douchecanoe about it.
    • 2013, Amy Lane, Forever Promised, Dreamspinner Press (2013), ISBN 9781623808587, unnumbered page:
      [] No, Collin didn't relay the message—he was too busy signing us up for coaching duty. Why? Because that other guy was a douchecanoe. []
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:douchecanoe.