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  • IPA(key): /ˈdʁyːbm̩/, /ˈdʁyːbən/


drüben (contraction of darüben)

  1. over there
    • 1924, Kurt Tucholsky, Vor Verdun, in: Die Weltbühne, volume 20, no. 32, Verlag der Weltbühne, page 219:
      Hier war das Niemandsland: drüben auf der Höhe lagen die Deutschen, hüben die Franzosen – dies war unbesetzt.
      Here was the no man's land, over there on the height were the Germans, over here the French – this was unoccupied.
  2. on the other side
  3. Either the (former) GDR or pre-1990 BRD, both as political entities and as geographical regions. The term describes the entity/area from which the speaker does not hail.

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