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From dreck +‎ -y. Related to German dreckig (dirty, trashy).



drecky (comparative dreckier, superlative dreckiest)

  1. trashy, worthless
    • 2001, Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections
      She hated to think of her father kneeling beneath his workbench and locating that penciled heart, hated the idea of Don Armour’s drecky insinuations entering her father’s prudish ears, hated to imagine how keenly it offended a man of such discipline and privacy to learn that Don Armour had been roaming and poking through his house at will.
    • 2011, Thomas Adams and Yves Smith, FCIC Report Misses Central Issue: Why Was There Demand for Bad Mortgage Loans?:
      And lenders still would suffer negative consequences for selling a bad product, even if they could get away with it for a while, such as loss of reputation due to inferior deal performance, losses on retained interests, and poor pricing for the drecky mortgages.


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