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From Ancient Greek δρόμος (drómos, running; racetrack).



dromos (plural dromoi or dromi)

  1. (historical) An avenue, especially in Ancient Greece.
  2. (historical) A walkway to a building, (especially) a ceremonial walkway to a temple or tomb in Ancient Greece or Egypt.
    • 1829 April 23, “Champollion’s Egyptian Expedition”, in The Gentleman's Magazine, page 351:
      On the 20th [of December, 1828] they remained an hour at Oudi-Essebours or the Valley of Lions, thus named from the Sphinxes which ornament the dromos of a monument constructed under the reign of Sesostris, but a mere provincial edifice, built of stone cemented with mortar.
    • 1847, John Leitch, transl., “Egyptian Art”, in Ancient Art and Its Remains; Or, A Manual of the Archæology of Art, new edition, London: A. Fullarton and Co., translation of Handbuch der Archäologie der Kunst by Karl Otfried Müller, published 1850, page 216:
      In Lower Egypt : Busiris (Ruins near el Bahbeyt) ; Heliopolis or On [near Matarieh], only an obelisk still extant ; Tanis (San), a dromos of granite columns ; Sais [Sa el Haggar], considerable ruins, particularly of the Necropolis ; Taposiris [Abusir].
    • 1904, “Thera: An Early Necropolis”, in American Journal of Archaeology, volume VIII, page 108:
      The grave chambers are usually quadrangular, with stone walls, roofs formed by projecting stones, and doors which were walled up. There is no dromos.
  3. (historical) A racecourse, especially in Ancient Greece.

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