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Borrowed from Russian дворник (dvornik, concierge; one who takes care of the pavement and yard in front of a house), from двор (dvor, courtyard).


dvornik (plural dvorniks)

  1. (archaic) A doorman, porter, janitor, or groundskeeper in a Russian household
    • 1901, Maxim Gorky, The Man Who Was Afraid
      Go to my dvornik and help him to remove the dung. I will pay you.
    • 1911, Joseph Conrad, Under Western Eyes
      He reached the doorway of his house in a state of mental discouragement which enabled him to receive with apparent indifference an official-looking envelope from the dirty hand of the dvornik.
    • 1912, Mary Antin, Promised Land
      My mother kept a cook and a nursemaid, and a dvornik, or outdoor man, to take care of the horses, the cow, and the woodpile.


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