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e- +‎ hail



e-hail (uncountable)

  1. The use of an Internet service to hail a taxi or book a ride in a private car on demand.
    • 2016, Fodor's Travel Guides, Fodor's New York City:
      Several e-hail services are available in the city, but Uber and Lyft are the most popular. Once you've signed up, a simple tap will search for a car and track it in real time; you pay with a saved credit card.



e-hail (third-person singular simple present e-hails, present participle e-hailing, simple past and past participle e-hailed)

  1. (transitive) To hail a vehicle in this way.
    • 2018, Ramon Lobato, Julian Thomas, The Informal Media Economy, page 120:
      Uber began as a premium private car service for San Fran techies. Driven by professional drivers and e-hailed through the proprietary app, Uber town cars were more expensive than a taxi, but cheaper than a limousine; []
    • 2020, Ole B. Jensen, Claus Lassen, Vincent Kaufmann, Handbook of Urban Mobilities:
      It seems rather likely that MaaS implementation may bring an increase of car-based trips (even if shared or e-hailed), and hence result in more emissions and congestions (Eckhardt et al., 2017). First of all, as underlined by Karlsson et al.