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From French emblématique. See emblem.


  • enPR: ĕmb-lə-mă-tĭk


emblematic (comparative more emblematic, superlative most emblematic)

  1. Serving as, or relating to a symbol, emblem or illustration of a type
  2. Typical; representative.
    • 2015 June 9, “Women’s World Cup 2015: England beaten by France in Group F opener”, in The Guardian (London)[1]:
      With Le Sommer withdrawn, France – now with five in midfield – seemed content to hold on for a deceptively narrow win. Such containment tactics can prove high risk but the only threat England could muster was a shot from Aluko which flew high and wide. It seemed entirely emblematic of their afternoon.
    • 2019, Oliver Norgrove, Hypnotised by cake and unicorns, the Brexit perfectionists have blown it in the Guardian
      The result of yesterday’s meaningful vote in the House of Commons, much like the first in January, was emblematic of a very striking Brexit reality: that the principle barrier to leaving the EU comes from the very people most desperate to see it happen.