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encounter group (plural encounter groups)

  1. (dated, psychotherapy) An gathering of people who intentionally meet and interact so that each member may improve his or her ability both to express feelings and to react with appropriate sensitivity to the feelings of others.
    • 1969 April 30, "Loosening the Springs at Boca Ciega High" (editorial), St. Petersburg Times, p. 16A (retrieved 20 Feb 2013):
      The encounter group would meet either before or after regular school hours. . . . The group would thrash out the problem of racial hostility, and any relevant problems.
    • 1970 Nov. 9, "Behavior: A Weekend Encounter: Strength from the Group," Time:
      Senior Editor Leon Jaroff recently spent a weekend with a Cleveland encounter group. . . . Nearly everyone was in tears at least once during the emotion-charged weekend encounter in the basement activities room of the Methodist Church of the Redeemer in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
    • 1989 Nov. 2, David E. Pitt, "Bogota Reporters Reveal Fears at Frontline of the Drug War," New York Times (retrieved 20 Feb 2013):
      At times, the sessions had the air of an encounter group, with the Colombians describing their fears and frustrations, and the American journalists listening sympathetically.


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