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A diagram showing, among other things, the location of the endosteum of a human bone


From end- (prefix meaning ‘inside, internal, within) (from Ancient Greek ἔνδον (éndon, within)) + Ancient Greek ὀστέον (ostéon, bone).



endosteum (plural endostea or endosteums)

  1. (biology) A membranous vascular layer of cells which line the medullary cavity of a bone; an internal periosteum.
    • 1992, John McM[illan] Mennell, “The Musculoskeletal System”, in The Musculoskeletal System: Differential Diagnosis from Symptoms and Physical Signs, Gaithersburg, Md.: Aspen Publishers, ISBN 978-0-8342-0255-9, page 5:
      Hyaline cartilage is insensitive, and radiographic changes imputed to it can have no bearing on pain from it unless it is so worn away that the endosteums of the articulating bones are rubbing on each other.
    • 1993, William J. Banks, Applied Veterinary Histology, 3rd edition, St. Louis, Mo.: Mosby-Year Book, ISBN 978-0-8016-6610-0, page 110:
      The cortical and trabecular endosteums are the inner linings of bone. The osteonal endosteum lines the osteonal canals [] and is the internal lining of bone. It is continuous with the periosteal and cortical endosteums.
    • 1997, Ray C. Henrikson; Gordon I. Kaye; Joseph E. Mazurkiewicz, “Bone”, in Histology (National Medical Series for Independent Study), Baltimore, Md.: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ISBN 978-0-683-06225-0, page 131:
      Periosteum and endosteum are connective tissue sheaths of bone. [] The endosteum is a less well-defined layer of connective tissue and osteogenic cells applied to the wall of a bony cavity. / a. The endosteum lies between the bone tissue and the bone marrow. / b. Unlike periosteum, endosteum lacks a distinct fibrous layer.
    • 2011, Corey M. Maggiano, “Making the Mold: A Microstructural Perspective on Bone Modeling during Growth and Mechanical Adaptation”, in Christian Crowder and Sam Stout, editors, Bone Histology: An Anthropological Perspective, Boca Raton, Fla.: CRC Press, ISBN 978-1-4398-6691-7, page 52:
      The periosteum is constrained and interrupted by tendons, ligaments, and fibrocartilage, whereas the endosteum is awash with hematopoitic bone marrow [].
    • 2014, Brian K[eith] Hall, “Cells to Make and Cells to Break”, in Bones and Cartilage: Developmental and Evolutionary Skeletal Biology, 2nd edition, London: Academic Press, ISBN 978-0-12-416678-3, page 255:
      Tibial endostea isolated from 19-day-old chick embroys and cultured for 10 days became populated with multinucleated cells that arise from monocytes.

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