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Alternative forms[edit]


From en- +‎ snare.



ensnare (third-person singular simple present ensnares, present participle ensnaring, simple past and past participle ensnared)

  1. To entrap; to catch in a snare or trap.
    • 1730, James Thomson, “Autumn”, in The Seasons, London: [] A[ndrew] Millar, and sold by Thomas Cadell, [], published 1768, →OCLC, page 160, lines 1289–1292:
      Let theſe / Inſnare the vvretched in the toils of lavv, / Fomenting diſcord, and perplexing right, / An iron race!
    • 2005, Plato, translated by Lesley Brown and 250d-e, Sophist:
      When we were asked to what one should apply the name “what is not”, we were ensnared in total paradox. Remember?
  2. To entangle; to enmesh.
    • 2006, Edwin Black, chapter 1, in Internal Combustion[1]:
      But electric vehicles and the batteries that made them run became ensnared in corporate scandals, fraud, and monopolistic corruption that shook the confidence of the nation and inspired automotive upstarts.

Related terms[edit]