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Back-formation from inept; compare apt.


ept (comparative more ept, superlative most ept)

  1. Skillful and knowledgeable; adept.
    • 1984, Military Intelligence - Volumes 10-12, page 62:
      These behaviors, developed in extremely bad basic and advanced training conditions were continued in better situations under more ept leadership.
    • 1991, United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Ethics, Preliminary Inquiry Into Allegations Regarding Senators Cranston, DeConcini, Glenn, McCain, and Riegle, and Lincoln Savings and Loan:
      ...known the ways of the world in Washington, and may not have been as one of my colleagues in the legislature said, "very ept", when it came to this stuff.
    • 1991, Anne Geller & ‎M. J. Territo, Restore your life: a living plan for sober people, page 133:
      They're confident, calm, at ease, talkative, cheerful, and above all, socially very "ept."
    • 1994 July 25, Jack Winter, “How I met my wife”, in The New Yorker:
      There were two ways about it, but the chances that someone as flappable as I would be ept enough to become persona grata or a sung hero were slim.
    • 2003, Dana Stabenow, A Grave Denied, →ISBN, page 119:
      And someone who wasn't glacier ept might have thought the mouth of a glacier a great place to hide a body for a long, long time.