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equi- +‎ crescent


equicrescent (not comparable)

  1. (mathematics) Increasing by equal increments.
    • 1913, Louis Adolphe Martin, Text-book of Mechanics, Volume 2:
      It is well to notice that t, time, is an equicrescent variable, i.e., grows in equal steps. Thus, although time continually increases, it does so uniformly, so that the differential increment, dt, is constant, although time, t, is itself variable.
    • 1916, Mansfield Merriman, American Civil Engineers' Pocket Book:
      A variable regarded as taking on equal increments is an equicrescent variable.
    • 1947, John W Wilson, Radiograph calculator[1], US Patent 2484366:
      The scale I2 is equicrescent, i. e., its subdivisions subtend equal angular intervals at the pivot point.