esprit d'escalier

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esprit d'escalier (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of l'esprit de l'escalier
    • 1971, Keith Thomas, “Astrology: Its Social and Intellectual Role”, in Religion and the Decline of Magic: Studies in Popular Beliefs in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century England, London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, →ISBN; republished London: Folio Society, 2012, OCLC 805007047, page 317:
      ‘I knew not then,’ he confessed, ‘but now I think…’ It is not necessary to follow Goad along the path taken by his esprit d'escalier to see how sheer intellectual pleasure was the driving-force behind such efforts.



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esprit d'escalier m (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of esprit de l'escalier