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exotic +‎ -ism


exoticism (usually uncountable, plural exoticisms)

  1. (uncountable) The state of being exotic.
    • 2004 January 25, Mark Feeney, “A piece of Asia's past, in living color”, in The Boston Globe[1]:
      For all the exoticism of the images, they possess a phenomenal immediacy and even contemporaneity.
  2. Something exotic.
    • 1985 February 14, Jane Nickerson, “Chinese New Year”, in The Ledger[2]:
      Chinese restaurants, now dotting this peninsula like azaleas at Cypress Gardens, have introduced thousands of us Occidentals to the delights of moo goo gai pan. As a result, attempts to produce such exoticisms in our own homes have multiplied.
    • 2000 July 20, Bernard Holland, “LINCOLN CENTER FESTIVAL REVIEW; Messiaen's Nature Worship Calls on Bird Song and Faith”, in The New York Times[3]:
      The distribution of instruments is fairly traditional, but with piccolo trumpet and bass trombone to explore extremes, and bells, gongs and tam-tams to variegate the sound. Such exoticisms as the xylorimba (Richard Fitz) and glockenspiel (Jeffrey Milarsky) are introduced along with the sounds of shifting sand.

Usage notes[edit]

Much more common than synonyms exoticness and exoticity.[1]