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expedite +‎ -ous



expeditious (comparative more expeditious, superlative most expeditious)

  1. Fast, prompt, speedy.
    • 1815, Jane Austen, chapter 38, in Emma:
      Our coachman and horses are so extremely expeditious!—I believe we drive faster than any body.
  2. (of a process or thing) Completed or done with efficiency and speed; facilitating speed.
    • 1816, Sir Walter Scott, chapter 7, in The Antiquary, volume 1:
      As they thus pressed forward, longing doubtless to exchange the easy curving line, which the sinuosities of the bay compelled them to adopt, for a straighter and more expeditious path, Sir Arthur observed a human figure on the beach.
    • 1844, William Makepeace Thackeray, chapter 14, in Barry Lyndon:
      Now, there was a sort of rough-and-ready law in Ireland in those days, which was of great convenience to persons desirous of expeditious justice.

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