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external +‎ -ist


externalist (comparative more externalist, superlative most externalist)

  1. (epistemology) Contending that there are non-internal factors which can affect the justificatory status of a belief
    • 2008 August 30, Josefa Toribio, “State Versus Content: The Unfair Trial of Perceptual Nonconceptualism”, in Erkenntnis, volume 69, number 3, DOI:10.1007/s10670-008-9120-3:
      One possible way out would be to appeal to some suitable form of externalist epistemology— based e.g. on facts about reliable empirical connections between the creatures’ responsive dispositions and the content of their experiences—to try to explain just how the content of perceptual experiences informs these subjects’ intentional behaviour.

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externalist (plural externalists)

  1. One who adheres to externalist beliefs