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From Latin extremus


extremum (plural extrema or extremums)

  1. (mathematics) a point, or value, which is a maximum or a minimum







  1. accusative singular of extrēmus


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    • (ambiguous) on the edge of the hill: ad extremum tumulum
    • (ambiguous) at the end of the year: exeunte, extremo anno
    • (ambiguous) to touch with the fingertips: extremis digitis aliquid attingere
    • (ambiguous) the last stage of life, one's last days: extrema aetas
    • (ambiguous) the last stage of life, one's last days: extremum tempus aetatis
    • (ambiguous) to give up the ghost: extremum vitae spiritum edere
    • (ambiguous) affairs are desperate; we are reduced to extremeties: res ad extremum casum perducta est
    • (ambiguous) affairs are desperate; we are reduced to extremeties: ad extrema perventum est
    • (ambiguous) to be reduced to one's last resource: ad extremum auxilium descendere
    • (ambiguous) to have recourse to extreme measures: descendere ad extrema consilia (Fam. 10. 33. 4)
    • (ambiguous) to go back to the remote ages: repetere ab ultima (extrema, prisca) antiquitate (vetustate), ab heroicis temporibus
    • (ambiguous) at the end of the book: in extremo libro (Q. Fr. 2. 7. 1)
    • (ambiguous) to put the finishing touch to a work: extrema manus accēdit operi (active extremam manum imponere operi)
    • (ambiguous) the rearguard: agmen novissimum (extremum)