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From Middle English ely, equivalent to eye +‎ -ly.


eyely (not comparable)

  1. (rare, archaic) Visible or apparent to the eye; evident; obvious.
    • 1892, Creedmore Fleenor, Thought throbs:
      Ofttimes we look upon an eyely prize, / And conjure means by which we may obtain / That morsel for ourself; []
    • 1903, Oxford Journals (Firm), Notes and queries:
      [] and I quoted a few places where the first part of my accusation is capable of "eyely and euident demonstration,' to use a phrase of Leicarraga's time.


eyely (not comparable)

  1. (rare, archaic) Obviously; evidently; apparently.
    • 1871, Tom Hood, Frances Freeling Broderip, The works of Thomas Hood:
      He was eyely delited at the site you may be sure but Becky being timersome shut her eyes all the time she was seeing it.