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Alternative forms[edit]


f (abbreviation of fuck) +‎ bomb ((euphemism marker))


f-bomb (plural f-bombs)

  1. (euphemistic) The word fuck.
    • 2006, June 25, Joel Achenbach, “Dropping the F-bomb”, The Washington Post, p. B01:
      From hip-hop artists to bloggers to the vice president of the United States, everyone's dropping the F-bomb.
    • 2007, May 10, Guy MacPherson, “Brian Regan’s clean comedy defuses the F-bomb”, straight.com:
      When he started out in 1981 Regan would throw in the odd F-bomb to spice up a joke, but eventually he just eliminated them from his act.
    • 2007, May 18, Patrick White, “Dropping the f-bomb”, The Globe and Mail:
      The Ontario government treaded similar territory with the rollout of its Flick Off campaign, intended to encourage young people to conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances, but obviously hinting at the f-bomb.


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