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fake +‎ -ster


fakester (plural fakesters)

  1. A person who seeks to deceive others.
    • 1990, Patrick Goldstein, "Pop eye", Los Angeles Times, 7 October 1990:
      And congrats to KROQ-FM deejay the Poorman, who nabbed a fakester passing himself off as comic-pitchman Joe Piscopo.
  2. (Internet) A user account on a social networking site with a profile containing information of a false, satirical, or promotional nature.
    • 2003, Lessley Anderson, "Attack of the Smartasses", SF Weekly, 13 August 2003:
      These "fakesters" portray themselves as everything from inanimate objects like the World Trade Center to celebrities like Paris Hilton to historical forces like War (which lists its profession as "resolving disputes").
  3. (slang) A person who affects a behavior, style, or attitude.
    • 2010, Jennifer Solow, The Aristobrats, Sourcebooks Jabberworky (2010), ↑ISBN, pages 17-17:
      She was preppy. Seriously preppy. And not in a fakester way, like an Abercrombie Zombie or a Polo-poser.