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Blend of fan +‎ activity.



fanac ‎(uncountable)

  1. (dated, fandom slang) The activity of fans, particularly of science fiction.
    • 1956 September, Robert Bloch, “Some of Best Fans are Friends”, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, volume 11, number 3, page 57: 
      This, however, is only part of the story—just as fanzines and fan activity (Fanac) are only a part of the totality which is fandom.
    • 1977, Brian Ash, The Visual encyclopedia of science fiction, Harmony Books, page 274
      It must be emphasised that this was genuinely a 'historical' action; letter-writing to the prozines is currently a discouraged area of fanac.
    • 2002, Mike Resnick, Once a Fan..., Wildside Press LLC, page 274
      The advent of the computer and the modem means that an increasingly large number of fans indulge in most of their fanac online.


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