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Alternative forms[edit]


fancy-pants (plural fancy pants)

  1. Alternative spelling of fancy pants
  2. Someone fancy, silly or attractive.
    That fancy-pants came around for you.
    You still with those fancy-pants from downtown.


fancy-pants (comparative more fancy-pants, superlative most fancy-pants)

  1. overly fancy with little function; newfangled; complicated
    What are you planning to do with that fancy-pants machine?
    • 2002, y Kasey Wilson, Best Places Vancouver, page ix:
      Fortified by years of greasy spoon eating, he's since borrowed nicer clothes to sneak into the more fancy-pants places.
    • 2006, Chris Baty; Karla Zimmerman, Chicago, page 185:
      The front room is a fun, inclusive (read: sing-along) place, with the back reserved for more fancy-pants cabaret events